How to retire in 10 years Starting with zero Money

how to retire in 10 years

One of the questions I have heard from many people is How to retire in 10 years starting with 0$? This is incredibly simple it’s so basic that I could probably summarize everything that you need to know about achieving financial independence in this blog. You also have to ask yourself, if it’s so simple, […]

Became financial independent in college

Financial Independence in college life sounds difficult to achieve. In this article, you will know, how you can become financially Independent in your college life. More than 95% of college students are not financially independent, because they depend on their parents, to pay for college. This is an Ultimate guide on how you can achieve […]

Investing in early 20s

investing in early 20s

When you are in your 20s and finished your education, start to work and start earning. This is a very important phase of your life when it comes to starting investing. Here I have various opinions on How and Why Investing in early 20s is beneficial. Three Reasons Why you should start Investing Early: Let’s understand […]

7 Things You Need To Learn for Financial Freedom

Reading a Financial Statement: One of the most horrible subjects for me was accounting, I sleep during my accounting periods in high school. My accounting teacher had no idea what accounting was. A Financial Statement has: Income Statement Balance sheet  Statement of cash flow how Today 99% of all people who graduate from school don’t […]

Financial Independence – How I Retire Early?

Today I want to share a bit of news with you all, I am financially independent, that’s right. I’m retired. I have everything that I need, and I have cut down my living expenses so much, that essentially I am living a simple lifestyle now. I’ve gotten rid of the Responsibilities of my family, I’m […]

Financial Independence Blog

financial independence blog

Today I want to talk to you about financial independence and what nobody really tells you about it. Having attended such a state myself, what’s surprising to me is there was not any single moment in which I felt “Now I’m financially independent” rather my wealth just add accumulating until overtime. One day I thought […]

How I Earned $100/Day at age of 19

My Money Plan as a Kid Earlier I convince myself that if I just got a very highly lucrative job in the future then I would never have to struggle for money ever again for the rest of my life, I’m always can see this right because growing up I saw my mom and my […]

10 Tips For Becoming Financially Independent

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Would you like to have enough money in the bank that you could take an unpaid vacation for six months and still not run out of money? Or maybe you’d like to retire early and travel the world or spend your time doing whatever you want rather […]