Today I want to talk to you about financial independence and what nobody really tells you about it. Having attended such a state myself, what’s surprising to me is there was not any single moment in which I felt “Now I’m financially independent” rather my wealth just add accumulating until overtime. One day I thought and rely on that I’m probably financially independent by now. I think that I’m not sure if anything has really changed in actuality, I think a lot of people view money and work almost as a means of survival when in fact that’s hardly the case, I want to divide print this topic let’s get into it.

Don’t Work for Money

Many people get wrong, a lot of people think that the reason they work is in order to support themselves, to support their family, to provide basic survival they want to use the money to buy food, to buy a shelter over their head, in order to protect themselves against the elements from wind and rain, but in reality, maybe 95% of us are actually are not going to die of starvation because in America probably 95% of people are obese. Of all those homeless people that you see on the streets, I suspect that most of them tend to be drug addicts who purposely intentionally just ran away from home because they want to be on their own, to do drugs, and their families basically disowned them for doing so.

In fact, a month ago I was chatting with a girl, she wants money from me, she said that her brother was homeless, so I said okay he’s probably on drugs and she said yes that’s right he’s a drug addict that why he just ran away from home. So you see many of these homeless people on the street are not actually homeless they just wanted to live like that.

If you think I might die of starvation that’s probably not going to happen to you, you’re probably going to first move back in with your parents and if that doesn’t work, you probably move with your friends and just hang out with your friends at their places and if neither of those work lets says maybe your parents disowned you your friends are homeless your girlfriend dumped you then maybe she move to a cheaper city, then get a job as a uber driver wait for some time and may be by then you’ll be able to earn enough to buy a very cheap studio over there or actually another thing you could do is sleep in your car or maybe you could just move to Hawaii and sleep on the grass like on the other homeless people.

Work is not for Basic survival

So what you need to realize here is that when you go out to work it’s not for basic survival and it’s not even for such a noble cause as to support yourself, to support your family, I mean you could just move your whole family back in with your parents and everybody has to put up with each other, you could probably make that work too if you really needed to what making money and what going to work really is, It’s all about status, luxury, about wanting more, about not just survival basic hard life, but living a great life, a better life, because if you think about that, all of these are already financially independent and can retire right now, you can reduce your living expenses.

Money Can’t save you, but Relations Can

Well let’s pretend that certainly, you fell into a coma let’s pretend that you couldn’t work another second you had to retire because you’re incapable of working physically, you probably wouldn’t become homeless right, you have friends and the family car going to come to take care of you and people are going to support you and so this concept of early retirement or financial independence in which you’re saying how much can you downsize your life, how cheap can you go, such that you could just survive indefinitely is actually something that all of us had there.

Financial Independence as a child

Our children are way more financially independent for the first 18 years of their life, they are basically retired they don’t have to work, they are just living for free and they just party all day and so really what Financial Independence is about for a lot of other people. If they want to go out there and see, if they can get rid of all of the resources, assets that they were born with, all of the family, their network, the house that they lived in, and if they can do it on their own but I’m just wondering what does that really test what does that really prove to see can you go up there and survive on your own and see how long is definitely you can live off by yourself as cheap as possible eating the cheapest food living in the crap.

Stressed Life Vs Financial Independence

There are some people who are doing side gigs like working in uber and doing other jobs at night in order to make money and get “financially independent”. What I would recommend all of these people to do is just stop it and go move back in with your parents, or go find some friends and go crash at their place and your life probably became as good, if not even better, than you don’t even have to go to work to do any of this stuff you don’t have to buy an RV either.

Buying Expensive Things won’t make you Financial Independent

I even see young people stressing over their jobs company that they are not making enough money but you take a look at what they are buying they don’t need that new smartphone, the luxury handbags, some fancy restaurant luxury apartment, brand new car, designer clothes or Netflix subscription, Starbucks latest person premium smoothie, and so if you go back to that time when you were probably in high school living with your parents have a pretty decent life you are thinking why did you want to go to work it wasn’t about financial independence or early retirement to see how long you could go live in the cheapest possible lifestyle but you want that status.

What people really want to post is to be able to impress the opposite gender people, just want that social status to make themself stand out a little bit more, to make themselves look better, and maybe that’s the reason why people go out to work in order to elevate themselves and what if I told you for example that the cheap people are the most attractive people.

Financial Independence is not about Surviving

Making money is not for basic survival it’s to be more attractive than to elevator status and may also be from work comfort to have a more pleasant lifestyle, but you have to understand that our lifestyle is certain pretty comfortable right for many of us out there and it kind of depends how high do you want to go on, this comfort Collider you’re probably already pretty high if you’re watching this blog.

Maybe you’re imagining that as soon as you have enough money to live indefinitely and in some new apartment then you have enough money and you can return but when you get to that but you’re going to want to be up to also retire with a Porsche car here garage and then maybe are going to want to upgrade that studio apartment to a 2 bedroom house and then from there you can continue upgrading maybe you want a beachside 1000 do you want to upgrade that push to Lamborghini and then you want to houses and then you want private jet and then a private island you can pretty much just keep going up that ladder.

Two ways to reach this so-called financial independence if it actually exists:

  1. By increasing the amount of money you make
  2. The other is lower in that desire that you have.

Some people say “hey look at me I’m struggling, I am sacrificing myself to support my family” well no, not really because you could just move everybody in with your parents and you did not have to go to work most people are doing this because they want more out of life and because of that perhaps we should stop stressing so much about work because it’s not like anybody is going to go hungry or die out there because they lost their job or rather, its just means that you get less, maybe instead of being up with by that brand new Porsche you have to downgrade to a used Toyota Corolla, maybe you don’t have to stress over it.

Let’s pretend that I gave everybody $1,000,000, what would you do next?

well, would you quit your job, yeah maybe some of you would, especially if it’s a job that’s not really fulfilling but for other people who are working in a job in which they are feeling that are learning a lot and progressing towards a better career maybe in a few years they will be able to get to a higher pain position in her job or maybe they are just really enjoying the lifestyle that their job provides what those could be reasons to continue working. Other people, they going to quit right away and perhaps goes on the beach for 2 weeks until they get bored and then feel that they are really wasting their own potential in life and one there maybe they should go out and ask for more out of life to disarm word to get something greater than what they currently have.

So at this point, I want to highlight for you “your ambitions for something more out of life, more than just basic necessity, basic survival.

Financial Enlightenment

I made my first million at age 25 and I could have retired back then already, I could have said I’m going to sit around and play video games the rest of my life, and would have been pretty cheap to do that and it became very clear to me that none of this was about survival, people like to say that they are making money in order to survive but it’s really not. It’s only about your own ambitions and living a great life, you want to craft for yourself.

So once you realize this and then it really affects all aspects of your life, the next time somebody asks you a question like what you want to get for lunch? Instead of answering something like well anything is fine, I don’t care whatever, I’m just hungry let’s just go get something to eat, really think about this isn’t just about your basic survival right, that’s not why you’re here you’re really here in order to get what you want because of your desires your ambitions you want this something greater than that. Perhaps the next time he gets in an argument with somebody and the environment is really unpleasant may he chillout and step back a bit and remind yourself, that, you’re not here to just survive, you’re not here to just get by and it isn’t good enough if people don’t have you a great time here because you’re here for a great time,