How I Earned $100/Day at age of 19

My Money Plan as a Kid

Earlier I convince myself that if I just got a very highly lucrative job in the future then I would never have to struggle for money ever again for the rest of my life, I’m always can see this right because growing up I saw my mom and my dad work jobs and if we didn’t have money they would literally just work more crazy jobs to make more money (which we never really had) so I convince myself that I just need to pick a job that makes more money than both my parents combined, then I won’t have to be forced to relive this situation where I’m literally living to work, instead of working to live, and trading all my time for money never really living but just existing in this life that I actually did not want to.

Getting A Job

It’s just a boring life right because of the duty placed on my shoulders, I was like okay I’m gonna become a dentist, I’m gonna do whatever it takes to do this and I remember telling my parents that invest in me, invest in my education and when I become a dentist you never have to worry about money ever again, and I was just kinda like the narrative that I talked myself and told myself because I just didn’t have any other options, but there were people making money online back in this period of time and there weren’t many examples that I can look up to, every single person around me was literally just trading time for money so I just thought well, that’s probably what I’m gonna do when I’m older too I’m just gonna take my time for money.

Skipping Financial Conversations

Then I had it going to college and I just kind of like tried to pretend that I wasn’t borrowing any amount of money from student loans to be here and I was just like partying and having fun, literally postponing that hard conversation of money into the future, and it just I kept on doing that because it was just the conversation that I did not want to have. I just wanted to be a nominee, I didn’t want to deal with the reality that reality sucks with finances, and my parents don’t understand finances and I am broke in life.

I’m destined to live a life where I’m just gonna work until I die right and one moment literally kind of woke me up. I remember this because as I walked out my dad is calling me a little bit earlier so I ended up leaving a little bit earlier than everybody else, I got on the phone and his tone was a little bit different I knew something was wrong, but he said Mike we don’t have money to go ahead and pay for your tuition this month, can I go ahead and borrow $2000. At that moment I realized like wow you know my parents no matter how much they work still didn’t have $2000 to pay for my tuition at this moment.

Realized the Mistake

Then I thought if this gonna be my same mistake right, if I get a job where that job is to just pay back my education and always trying to crawl my way out of debt and never actually being able to enjoy my life, and the funny thing is that $2000 it took me like 2 years to save up from a bunch of different odd jobs right and just like that it was just gone. My parents worked 16 hours a day still not having that money then I started realizing that I can’t postpone this money conversation, had the conversation with myself now, so I started reading a bunch of books, I stop hanging out with my friends, they thought I was crazy because I was like to meditate and read books and going to these entrepreneur events. No one around me understood it, no one understood me, no one understood why was I doing the crazy word actions, they just judge me. I feel like I begin learning to do things to make money, trying to think of opportunities, listening to podcasts, and writing ideas every single day.

Found An Opportunity

I remember one day I was like okay I’m super bored I’m gonna go ahead and do some boxing but I didn’t have any boxing gloves I found one of the first opportunities that actually got me $200 a day. I bought something from eBay because I want to get into boxing and when it came to me it came in an Amazon box so I was just a little bit curious sounds like how much these boxing Gloves cost on Amazon, and I found out they are a lot cheaper. I started thinking what if I just sell products on eBay because I am a buyer on eBay.

When someone buys it I literally take the money and buy it lower at the supplier and ship it to them then I don’t want to have any risk then I’ll literally buy at other platforms and then buy for a loan only if I make a cell slide to mitigate my risk completely. I started doing and went to like Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, and and just started posting pictures on eBay without actually ever buying the products myself and I would just wait.

Getting My first $100

My first sale was on eBay that was a child toy product that sold just before the Christmas, I was like Oh my God that was like one of the best things because that was what I like because the moment I made the first transaction online with someone who wasn’t my known person, I knew it was actually possible and of course, that first one ended up becoming or return so that kinda like suck but I just knew that a transaction in accounting so I just knew I just got the posting pictures on eBay. I can mention getting to the point where I would just sell at a higher price to lower costs and you can actually see a lot of these people doing this right now. That was really just free double-dipping money, on top of that when I made that purchase on these places, put it on the travel with a credit card, to the point where I ended up literally living in Vegas for 30 days which was awesome for a 21-year-old guy, at that time I live in the Hooters hotel for 30 days and I was at Stanley Planet Hollywood or The MGM for free just because of doing all these things that I started when I was literally 19 years old.

Ways To earn in 2022

Times have changed now making money online has changed its ways, we cannot get 1Million in profit from a podcast right, but you have normal human beings who are earning from zero to 30 grand a month in 5 to 8 weeks if you want to know exactly how they do it then comment below and we will start a training session for our Users.