One of the questions I have heard from many people is How to retire in 10 years starting with 0$?

This is incredibly simple it’s so basic that I could probably summarize everything that you need to know about achieving financial independence in this blog. You also have to ask yourself, if it’s so simple, then why isn’t everyone doing it? why is it nearly impossible for 99.99 of the population?

These are the questions that we are going to discuss in this blog. In reality, most people have no idea where to start and they don’t have the resources available to them to stick with it long enough to make it work. Get rid of the sayings that retirement is something only available in your 60s and 70s go over the exact blueprint that’s given me complete financial independence in my 20s and how you could replicate a similar strategy even if you’re starting over today with zero dollars.


when it comes to increasing your net worth and being able to retire contrary to popular belief it makes no difference how much money you make. Of course, you might be thinking if I made 10 million dollars right now I’d be able to retire. what most people don’t realize is that when it comes to financial independence it only matters how much of that income you get to save. In reality, I have seen many people making $250 000 a year living paycheck to paycheck with nothing to show for it because they spent it all on an expensive beachfront rental a leased Ferrari and a $20k vacation.

On the other hand, I’ve also seen people making 80 000 a year who can save half of their income after taxes to the point where overtime they’re worth more than the other person making 750 000 a year.

how to retire in 10 years

The secret about how I was able to get to the point of being able to retire in my 20s

It was because I lived like I was broke, no matter how much money I would make in a year, I spent the same amount consistently. I don’t care if I made nothing in a month or a hundred thousand dollars in a month my spending didn’t change I wear five-dollar shirts, I buy used cars that don’t depreciate, and I bought a duplex so that I could live in one side and rent out the other to cover my cost I make food at home instead of going out to eat.

This could be extreme and it’s not for everybody, but the reality is to make it work you have to pay close attention to your spending and not so much to your income. What most people don’t know is that based on your current income and expenses, you could calculate how long it’s going to take you to retire, based on your current savings rate in less than a minute.

The idea is the higher the percentage of income that you save the faster you could reach financial independence and the faster you could do whatever you want. You don’t have to spend a lot of money I mean why stop wasting money and buying things that you don’t need. Instead, you can invest money in an event that you would ever need.

There is a very good saying “the rich stay rich by living like they’re poor and the poor stay poor by living like they’re rich” that’s the approach that you should choose.

cutting back:

For the sake of saving more money and moving up your retirement timeline, especially in the next 10 years, you must do anything possible to save more money and live below your means. For every 5% of extra income that you save you’ll be able to retire up to several years earlier.

Cutting back doesn’t mean an episode of extreme cheapskates or thinking that I want them to sell their car or bike, or to live in the middle of nowhere and grow your food. I’m in the mindset that you don’t need to go to such wild extremes to save money and there are plenty of ways to cut back without staying inside and never leaving the house.

House hacking: This is when you buy a multi-family property like a duplex triplex or fourplex and then you move in one side to rent out the others, you could also buy a single-family home with a guest house or maybe a basement that you could rent out to lower your cost of living. When done right the other units will cover the entire cost of owning the building and all of a sudden you got a free place to stay.

how to retire in 10 years

Some Tips to Save Money:

  1. Instead of driving around a newer car that depreciates like a rock drive a reliable used car that isn’t going to go down much in value.
  2. Learn to utilize credit card signup bonuses as a way to cover your cost of flights and hotels.
  3. Make food at home instead of going out
  4. If you want to go shopping wait for the item you want to go on sale and no one knows the difference between a five-dollar shirt and a 50$ shirt.
  5.  One more way that you could save money anytime you see something that you want to buy is just waiting a week to buy it.

I found it at least for me the desire to own something goes away after about a day or two so just by waiting it out, you’ll be able to better understand the purchases that will make a long-standing difference.

Stay away from high-interest rate debt :

Most people don’t realize just how much high-interest rate credit cards medical debt and student loans hold you back. You will need to make 15 to 20 of your money every single year just to break even on most unsecured debt. To retire early high-interest rate debt like this cannot exist in your entire financial ecosystem. 

Make sure to never carry a credit card balance and never finance anything you cannot afford and stay away from any debt that’s not a low interest fixed rate tax-deductible loan on either a car or a mortgage that’s under four percent. Unless that debt is attached to an asset that’s making you money it’s probably best to stay away.


This is Another very simple one in practice and for most people, the optimal way to invest is to simply take advantage of your 401k, IRA, and HSA accounts because those save you money in taxes. Invest consistently in the long term, just take a set percentage of your paycheck and throw it into the investments no matter what.

Do not try to time the market regardless of what the price is trading at Invest in a low fee or free index fund that covers the entire market. Take advantage of vanguard Schwab and fidelity all offer competitive rates. Just wait let the markets do their thing and long-term prices tend to trend up.

If you’re starting with zero dollars and your goal is to retire in ten years then you’re either going to have to make a lot of money or spend very little money. 

how to retire in 10 years

Lets us assume you’re making 70000$ a year you could theoretically retire in ten years if you live off 21000$ and consistently invest the difference. That’ll allow you to live indefinitely with the same lifestyle after those ten years. Of course, you can always pick up a side job to make even more money or you don’t even have to stop working if you don’t want to, but you would never be obligated or need to work as long as you keep spending the same amount of money.  So without making any more money, your ability to retire in 10 years is entirely dependent on your ability to save 65% of your income for an entire decade. 

Assuming that you don’t want to live off the bare minimum and you want to live a middle-class lifestyle after 10 years then the truth is you’re likely not going to get there by working a traditional job unless that job is paying you a ton of money. 

Everyone else out there who wants a shot at retiring in 10 years and making a lot of money my advice is to work a career that pays you based on results and not on your time. 

Paid for time vs Paid for results:

The biggest problem that I see with getting paid with your time is that there are only 24 hours in a day so eventually, you’re gonna hit a ceiling in terms of how many hours you’re able to work and how much money you’re able to make on the other hand if you get paid on results and not on your time then hypothetically you should be able to find ways to streamline that to make more money without working any harder. It’s essential to work in a career where you could leverage what you do to make more money without spending more time.

One of the ideas that stuck out to me was “think like a creator not like a consumer”. The idea here is you need to begin creating value in building something not consuming it.

If you’re able to save $50k, you could use that towards buying and renovating a $250k home, if you find the right deal a strategic renovation could increase that property’s value to $300k, and within a year you’ve doubled your initial investment giving you a great property now to rent out. If you’re able to do that every 18 to 24 months you could hit that retirement goal fairly quickly. 

If you’re already saving as much as you can and you have no discretionary income left-over, then the only focus is that you have to increase your income at a minimum, by learning a new skill shopping yourself around the job market or taking on a side hustle at the end of the day. 

The truth is you must make enough money to be able to save 65 to 90% of your income for an entire decade and at the core that’s how you’re going to be able to retire in ten years. 

I can understand that it’s not for everybody and the idea of retirement sounds miserable to some people but for me, that just means I have the choice to pursue the work, projects, and passions that I’m the most excited about. I am just saying early retirement does not mean relaxing and chilling all day but rather you can choose what work you can do. After 10 years of continuous non-stop work, I could say it’s absolutely worth it.